The Eagle family is eager to welcome our students and families back for the 2020-21 school year and look forward to working hand in hand with you this year to make this different school model work for our families and scholars.
First, we want our families to know that our theme for this year is Carver Strong. 🦅 This simple phrase captures the strength, resilience, and power to overcome that all of our families, our scholars, and our staff will continue to show throughout the year as we rise to the occasion and tackle the challenges that COVID-19 has presented.
Our return starts this week with individual orientation sessions for our scholars and their parents. We wanted to remind our families of the processes and safety measures that are in place for the week and for your scheduled sessions with your child's teacher.
All orientation sessions are individually scheduled and open slots are not available for walk-ins. Please contact the school or your child's teacher directly if you need to reschedule your session.
First, please remember that all families are limited to 4 individuals including the scholar at their appointment time. Everyone should park in the front parking lot of the school and then follow the directions of staff who will direct you to the next staging or waiting area for the group health screenings to take place. Families should plan to arrive no earlier than 20- minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. Remember that everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear a face covering. If a member of your family does not have one, please be sure to ask for a disposable mask upon arrival.
Families will be asked a few health screening questions as they approach the main entrance. These questions are just ensuring that no one in your family is sick, showing potential symptoms, or has knowledge of a personal exposure to the
Virus. Families will then be directed to the main office doors where a temperature check of all members of the party will be taken. If at any point in the health screening process an individual in the group has shown to have a temperature over 100.4 or cannot be cleared, we will ask the family to reschedule the orientation session for a virtual session and will work individually with the family to retrieve any technology needs at a later time.
Once in the building, families will be provided with a student information form to review for accuracy. If changes are needed a pen will be provided to allow you to make the changes on the form and to submit it prior to going into your scheduled session. As families are escorted to the their staging area in the multipurpose room, you will see markers with arrows directing the flow of traffic. Families that indicated they would need Chromebook will have those assigned while in the staging area to take down to the orientation session with their child's teacher.
Once your child's teacher is ready for the orientation session, they will pick your group up from the staging area and escort you to their classroom for the session to begin. During the session they will take time to walk you through the virtual tools and daily schedule that will be followed. They will talk to you about how attendance will be recorded and attempt to answer any questions they can regarding the start of our year with remote instruction. Each family will stay with the teacher in the orientation session until they are escorted out of the building following its completion. If there are questions that the assigned teacher could not answer for you, they will write them down to provide to our team and will provide the answers they find in the coming days.
Thank you for working with our staff and team to make this process as safe and orderly as possible. We know that our community is anxious about the start of a new school year in a different format, but the Eagle Staff would like to remind you that we are all Carver Strong, and we will have a successful year together, whether we are learning remotely, face to face, or a combination. The Carver Eagles will SOAR.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you all later this week.