Dance Club

The Dance Club is for any interested GW Carver Elementary school students. The instructor and advisors include Terin Chapman (Physical Education teacher) and Janelle Johnson(School Counselor).

Students benefit from participating in Dance Club by: listening and learning to follow oral directions, learning poise and appropriate social interaction within the group, coordination and psycho-motor skill development enhanced, reinforcement of sensitivity and appropriate use of personal space, and a sense of self-worth through acquiring new skills.

The club meets once a week from 3:00 – 3:45.  Parents/guardians will be contacted if time is extended.  Students must have transportation and consent to participate.  All those who don’t have transportation after 2 meetings will be dismissed from future participation in the club.

In the past, students have participated in such programs as the End of Grade Pep Rally, Black History Month program, Music in Our Schools, PTO, Pinetops Christmas Parade, and ECPS Artsplosion.  We look forward to other community events this year! 

Students are required to follow the School-wide PBIS Expectations below to participate.

        - Listen attentively

                   - Eyes on teacher

        - Always respectful

        Ready to do your be

        - Now challenge yourself